gatsby goes to church

Everyone knows Gatsby loved a great party, but what happens if there's no alcohol? Can you still have as much fun? Of course you can! We took this Great Gatsby inspired bridal shower and made it fun and festive, and full of delicious food. The only drinks we needed for a good time were cold brew coffee with homemade almond milk, and as always, Coke, Perrier, and Martinelli's! I still wanted to incorporate the lavish lifestyle that Gatsby had, and I did that by using deep but vibrant colors, pearls, and unique decor pieces. And for the avid Gatsby fans (myself included!) I added golden eggs filled with Ferro Rocher, to symbolize his home in West Egg, New York. However, regardless of all the great food and decor, I still believe that some of the best parts of parties are the people you surround yourself with, and more importantly, the person you celebrate. Andrea is the most deserving soul of all things beautiful, and it was an honor to be able to partake in her shower! She just got married this weekend, and until I get to see those amazing wedding photos, I'm sharing what it looks when Gatsby goes to church! 

A huge thank you to Alexandra, of Bangean Photography, for capturing the day!