coming together

A year ago I sat down at The Pie Hole in Los Angeles with a stranger. Alexandria Monette and I met on Facebook because I responded to a post she shared to a group. We clicked and decided to work together. It just so happened that it was the first styled shoot either of us had participated in. Since we weren't going to do a Gatsby inspired wedding shoot anymore, we still wanted to plan "something" but we weren't sure what. I just got back from Palm Springs that weekend, and I'm basking in my tan and inspiration from the trip. Some tropical bohemian Palm Springs inspired wedding perhaps? No. Not that. What was coming up in April? Something holiday inspired? Nothing. Until it hit me. COACHELLA WAS COMING. Bachelorette party inspiration needed?! DONE. So we created #BACHELLA. The ultimate Coachella inspired bachelorette party. Donuts, little men on cups, tropical flowers, a henna station, even ice cream pool floats made an appearance! It was the works! And it got picked up. It got picked up by GREEN WEDDING SHOES. I've been following them for years! So naturally, I had an "almost passed out, jumped out of my seat screamed so loud everyone was worried something bad happened, couldn't contain my excitement" moment. I still feel it when I look back at these photos. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. All the crazy amazing things that have happened since then are just a testament to hard work and true blessings. Life didn't get easier. Work definitely got harder. Juggling small businesses, ministries, dreams, relationships and myself has been a whirlwind. I'm still learning every day how to be better and do better. Some days I completely fail at that, but some days, some days I thrive. It's almost as if I can float above any adversity because of the beauty my hands are allowed to create. That even if my floor plans and design scheme doesn't fall into place, I know that panicking is not the answer. That the solution is creating a better moment for everyone around me to thrive in. It's about giving up my plans and my pride and replacing it with divine inspiration and humility. But it's also about sticking to my guns when I know something is right (like animals hides instead of blankets - I mean, have you seen the henna station?!). And by doing all of that, by seeing how we all thrive by coming together, and creating what is beautiful, together, with our own special talents and ideas, we are better. So let your talents be used, and let others use theirs, because we don't need to be the only ones who do everything. There's no fun in that! 

xo, debby